Wednesday, January 27, 2010


beautiful People & Friends..

i fasih cakap Melayu. i faham Bahasa Melayu. i makan lauk Melayu.
i orang Melayu. waaaaa... jgn sala sangka i lg. -_-

kata-kata yg sering i dpt :

luar campus :
" can you speak Malay? "
" You can understand Malay? "
" maaf dik.. akak ingt org luar td.. xberani nk layan.. xbole 'speaking' "

dalam campus :
" are you an international student? "
" You can understand Malay ? "
" you are mixed blood? "

Conclusion : i anak Melayu. fasih berbahasa Melayu. Hidup gaya Melayu. :)

Jgn tkt untuk tegur i lg.. talk to me please...
i wont bite. ;)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

For You Girls!

Types of Women Guys want to date!
Source : Google.

We had heard that only women are choosy when it comes to dating men, here you will discover that men are equally choosy when it comes to choosing the right girl. Here are the types of women men would give their right hand for.


Miss Sweet is a genuine person without a bitchy bone in her body. Men find themselves looking forward to spending time with her. Miss Sweets are pretty rare. But if men do find one, they've real treasure on their hands.


With Miss Straightforward, there are no games, no behaviour based on ridiculous, female-biased advice. Miss Straightforward will pick up the phone and ask you out. Although she may be blunt at times, at least you'll know where you stand.


This is a good woman to find if you don't have a lot of time to invest in a relationship or you're the type of guy who needs a lot of space. She's the type who wants a man in her life, but doesn't need a man in her life. And she certainly isn't looking for men to solve all her problems or blame when things don't go her way.


Miss Secure accepts herself as she is and is comfortable with her good points, as well as her bad ones. And she feels the same about you. She doesn't need constant attention to shore up a sagging ego and has tons of self esteem. What's more, she'll help boost your ego too.


She's the kind of woman you're totally in sync with, you like the same things, watch the same TV shows, enjoy going to the same places. A word of warning: You have to make your sexual interest known from day one because if she gets it into her head that you are going to be just friends,' it's almost impossible to change her mind.


The rarest of the rare, Miss Low Maintenance is the most atypical of modern women. She really doesn't care about how much money you have. She just likes you for yourself and not for what she can take from you. She's likely to be a true feminist, and will gladly pay her share of the dating expenses. If you can find her, hang on to her for dear life!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 month..

to go people! I'm turning 21! :)

" Cherish things while you still have them, before they're gone,

and you realize how precious they really are. Life can only be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forwards. Everything in life is temporary.
So if things are going well, enjoy it because it won't last forever.
And if things are going badly, don't worry because that won't last forever either.
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. "


Friday, January 1, 2010

Good to Better.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Have an awesome year ahead!

2010 : I' m ready to face you!

  • nk jadi better person kepada semue. from good to better.
  • never putting down an opportunity. terus kehadapan! life terlalu indah. ;D
  • study harder. work harder. make money. life better.
  • get closer to Allah SWT. :)
takecare everyone. Love you all. ♥♥


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