Thursday, November 27, 2008


Open your eyes
Undo the seem
It's not like before
It's not just a dream
A hint of a smile
As your hand touches mine
No longer alone
I feel them entwine
I'm holding your hand
You say quietly
Baby don't go
Stay here with me
So this is it
To you I belong
No more goodbyes
We knew all along
Open you eyes
It's not just a dream
Happy Birthday Abang!
On your day just want to say
That you can count on me
To Be a lovely sister, a good friend until the end
Just wait and you will feel it
No matter what
Our relationship will be strong
I'm glad you are my brother
I take you just the way You are
To share my joy
my pain
If only you could know that
I care so much about You.
Happy Birthday in advance Abang!
have a wonderful Day
I wish you all the best in whatever You do.
remember, I'm with you
to support
to share
and to feel everything.
May Allah Bless You always. :)))
28th Nov 2008.
Gudnite peeps!
Love, Me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here I Stand.

Everyone's life is a picture,
Painted by only one person,
Life itself.

The picture shows everything you're doing,
And everything you have done.

But sometimes,
Life gets tired.

And doesn't want to paint a picture.
So, Life sends problems to stop you,

If you give up,
your picture is finished.

If you keep going,
so does your picture.

So the question is :How soon do you want to see your picture?
Do you want to see it now?
When it could be so much more?

Or later, when there's so much more than before?
It's your choice,

I'll keep going. :))

By, Robin Baugus.