Thursday, November 27, 2008


Open your eyes
Undo the seem
It's not like before
It's not just a dream
A hint of a smile
As your hand touches mine
No longer alone
I feel them entwine
I'm holding your hand
You say quietly
Baby don't go
Stay here with me
So this is it
To you I belong
No more goodbyes
We knew all along
Open you eyes
It's not just a dream
Happy Birthday Abang!
On your day just want to say
That you can count on me
To Be a lovely sister, a good friend until the end
Just wait and you will feel it
No matter what
Our relationship will be strong
I'm glad you are my brother
I take you just the way You are
To share my joy
my pain
If only you could know that
I care so much about You.
Happy Birthday in advance Abang!
have a wonderful Day
I wish you all the best in whatever You do.
remember, I'm with you
to support
to share
and to feel everything.
May Allah Bless You always. :)))
28th Nov 2008.
Gudnite peeps!
Love, Me.

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