Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2005-2007 Taught Me. Life Is Fragile.

I feel like i would like to say something about in past..erm.. some of us would say that past is past.. Let them go.. but to me, experiences will tell us how our Life Goes Around. Yea..maybe it sounds a bit dramatic but the truth is there. Life after PMR told me everything. We have to fight in Life. Otherwise, we left behind. With my result which was NOT really2 good and unexpected,
I started to draft my life to be more meaningful and useful. I aimed more in SPM. And thanks God I achieved my aim. :) ..But, im glad in that 2 years, i've learned a lot of things. and for sure about Life around kita.hmmm...
yea...i admit that sometimes, its hard for us to face the challenges at 1 time! huhuh! might feel tired! weak! Lost! ...arghhhh!!! TIDAK!!!!
tp, after all you will learn something..inner-strength Endurance!. arghhh! so many stories to tell here.. hmmm...
yea.. Life is very Fragile. Sometimes, we might be on the top..but sometimes, we might feel very DOWN.
Life will be more interesting after we experienced all the experiences. hhhmm.. to be honest, Im glad i was born as me.. i've faced a lot of experiences at early age. Studies.Family affairs.Life. Friendship.Self-esteem.Relationship. (arghh..too many to text it all). Thats why.. sometimes I do feel that my mind is older than my age.. Matured.Even, most of the times i keep acting like a child but deep inside I know the meaning of LIFE deeply.hhmmm..i've been hurt a lot with all the experiences. But im expert in pretending everything perfectly.
heheheh..i admit, sometimes,
Im sick of being too nice!!!.(but these words keep motivating me , "Live Your day to the fullest as no More Tommorrow").hurm, I used to think that my life sucks!. but after all, I'm Glad that at early age, i've been through a lot of experiences that taught me how Life goes around. "kita tak akn selalu diatas itu amat pasti" !
Life Is very Fragile. But some how, after all these, i feel like Im Stronger! Thanks God..To me, all the challenges You gave to me, Precious Gifts! :))
♥ I wont Regret I was born as Me ♥

*A girl who has been Given with a lot of Challenges But living her life smoothly and perfectly... :)

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