Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The acts of men sometimes come so kind
And with such love do well express, yet
The deeds of men sometimes come so mean
And with great disgust is well despised.
These conflicts unresolved for times,
Someday, somewhere resolves to meet.

Between the times of history gone,
And the evolutions of future come
The present presents a balance point
In a mixing grill of settlement, where
Deeds and events do take their toll
In resolutions of investments made.

Mishap could be just a fair reward,
As life fortune is investment gained.
Opportunity could be just a means,
As occurrences are results obtained.
The pendulum swings to and fro,
Just as the clock ticks, tock and tick.

What goes on around and again,
Does come back again and around
Good or bad, it's all our choice,
For all our thoughts and acts today,
Are investments in the big game plan
Of this unfinished business of life.

From the Book - Poems of Life.

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