Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy 24th Anniversary My Beloved Parents.

My Very Special Parents.
I may no longer be that little child
who always wanted another hug or minute with you
But I still miss You when we are apart
I may no longer need your hand for every step I take
But I still need your acceptance and support of what I do
I may no longer be that little child who asked
for all the things I ever wanted in this world
But thats because long ago you taught me
How to go after my dreams
I may no longer be that little child who
looked to you to share every hurt, smile and tear
But I still feel like that child whenever I think of You
I'll always Love you my mum and dad.. ( i promise you )
With the heart of that little child
Grown to love you only more.
Mak & Ti,
I do Think of You often.
I'll do anything for both of You. Yes.. Anything!
I Love You more than you could imagine.
How proud I am to be Your the only one Daughter.

Happy 24th Anniversary Mak & Ti !!!
Neen. :))
* Ti tu panggilan i untk my dad.. itu adelah panggilan turun temurun.. kteorg the third generation da! heheh..
so if korang jumpe sape2 yg call dad die, 'Ti' itulah adelah cousin2 i! heheh.. :))
pnjg cite untk dishare kn k? itu introduction.. heheh.. :))

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