Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Moments I Love To Recall.

10th January 2009. A day to remember. i went for holiday with my sayang. sumpah! enjoyable and memorable moments! we went to Melaka. ouchh.. Historical Place! hehee.. so how was the journey?? hmmm... orite.. everything i yg plan.. yes..yes.. i.. BUT.. y? hanye die yg tau.. and die sgt9 memahami y i ajak die pg holiday dgn tibe2 aritu..thanks for being such a understanding bf sayang! ILY! but.. sorry sayang.. ade certain plan xjd kn? phew~ .. im so sorry sayang... but it was beyond my control.. beyond me.. tp xkesah laa.. yg i tau, holiday kte tu sgt9 terindah! hmmm.. bole x if i nk recall blik smue moment2 kte aritu??? erm.. die amik i dkt campus around 11 sumthing i guess.. then straight to Melaka.. around 1 sumthing we arrived there.. first step? singgah umah die.. wee~ heheh.. nk amik hanger ye cik abg? heheh... sementare i tnggu dkt luar tu..dr dlm kete, i nmpak byk monyet tepi kwsan umah dieorg tu ! ye! monyet! mereka sgt comel!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.. * oh.. sorry guys..teruja sgt..but let u guys know.. yg i pencinta monyet.. weeee~ .. after a few minutes.. he came back with all the hangers.. heheh.. after that? hmmm.. pg 'bangunan merah'.. aiyo.. sorry peeps.. even i pg melancong tp i xtau the exact name for the building! heheh.. smpai2.. jln2..tengok2 ape yg ptt.. tp mcm bese.. i xkn target pg melawat2.. yg i pg? stall2 tepi2 jln yg byk jual2 brg tu.. aiyoh! hehehe.. naseb die pun memahami minat mendalam i ni! hahahah~ heheh.. and die?? owh.. jln2 teman i.. and bz snap2 gambar! :) .. oh yes.. the bestest place die bwk i pg was.. Kedai Baju Kebaya Nyonya! OMG! he knows me very well.. i xble tgk bju2 tu.. i rase nk smue! hehehe.. * sayang.. u sje je kn ngade2 nk bwk i pg situ???! :P ...heheh... but peeps..bare with me on this.. seriously.. all the Baju Kebaya dkt situ totally awesome!! xcaye?? drop by and see on your own! :)) the design? phew.. buat i btambah in love dgn Baju Kebaya. * y i ske baju kebaya nyonya? i dunno y.. tp i sgt9 ske bju dulu2.. bju2 tradisional.. sgtt menarik. :))) .. and.. 3rd step? oh yes! i ske! we went for 'Cendol' !!! finally... after gle lame i simpan hasrat.. owh.. hasrat? aiyo.. sorry peeps..kdg2 i skrg da confuse nk cri word terbaek untk digunekn.. dunno y.. haihhh...hehehe.. btw, sayang.. 'Cendol' tu sgt sedap! even rm 1.40 je! ;))) .. + mkn tepi jln.. dkt stall2.. waa.. best! ingt zaman kecik2 dlu.. ske bli 'ABC' dgn uncle pengayuh basikal.. :))).. orite..enough for 'Cendol' ..heheh.. then, we went for shopping! yeay! heheh.. tp kteorg bkn shopping sakan pun.. just pg bli souvenier2.. hmmm.. then?? went to Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall & Melaka Parade.. went there to have our lunch.. as usual.. i msti nk 'Yong Tau Fu' !!! heheh.. xkire dimane pun! kn sayang?? hehehe.. * sayang..again.. thanks sgt.. sbb xpnah ade masalah lyn kerenah i yg sgt9 ini! ;))) ..and after that, before kteorg blik KL, he brought me to a padang @ taman.. i pun xsure ... heheh.. tp to me, tmpt tu best! i suke.. sgt lapang..bersih..cantik.. and byk orang! meriah tgk orang riang gumbira! ade orang main layang-layang.. bdk2 kecik comel2 lari2.. ade yg dtg untk santai.. a few did shuffle.. and so on.. kami? owh.. duduk2..tgk orang2..bual2..hati ke hati? hahah! heheh.. tp i admit.. ptg tu.. sgt indah.. y? hmmm.. bia die.. i .. dgn Allah je yg tau. btw, thanks sayang.. u r such a romantic guy to me! ;))) .. finally.. around 6.30 pm kteorg pun gerak dr taman tu .. * taman seribu kenangan! hahaha! .. stopped dkt one stall dlm Dataran Pahlawan to buy 'kerepek2' ordered dr roomates i.. and lepas tu.. Balik KL. hurm. ;)))

Pengajaran Dari Sebuah 'Lawatan' :

  • erm.. better don't plan betul2.. sbb nnt ble yg diplan tu xjd, rase frust sgt.. apatah lg org yg bersame dgn kte tu.. so better just follow the flow. :)))
  • haaa..Jgn jd notty2 sgt.. nnt kene 'denda' ..heheh.. ;D.. tp kan..kan.. best jgk.. nnt i dpt dgr ' live performance ' lg!! weee~ :)))
  • Belajar untuk sentiase senyum.. walaupun kte tgh ade masalah sebesar gunung pun.. sbb nnt org yg ade dgn kte waktu tu turut terase . * xbaek tau! :)))
  • hmmm.. kenali mknn2 tradisional so xmalu sgt nnt..hehehe..nnt xde lah jd mcm ni :

Kami : " akak..ape name kuih ni? akak.. ape name benda ni? akak.. ni diperbuat drpd ape? " akak..knape warne die mcm ni? "

Penjual : " ini name die blalalalalalalalalal..
" ( * satu persatu kuih muih dperkenalkn.. thanks dkt kakak tu sbb rajin melayn kteorg yg hanye tau mamam je! heheh.. )
  • hurmm.. yg i sgt belajar sejak almost 4 years knl Shafiq i ni, JGN TERLEPAS CKP YOU SUKE SOMETHING!! adehh.. even u ske mcm mane pun brg tu, just diam je..buat2 xtau.. buat xde perasaan..adoi.. kalau x..
I : " waa cntik gle yg warne putih punye!! " ( over-excited bwk bahaye! hahaha )
Dia : " ke.. masuk la dlm tgk yg lain2 lg "

( * 2 weeks after.. i received 'the thing' for my birthday present.. in advance... aiyo.. speechless.. btw, thanks a lot to him, aunt, akak! I ♥ You!!.. :))) i really9 appreciate it. seriously I DO. :)))) ) so.. lpas ni, Neen..jage mulut! i da serik! hehehe.. ;)))
  • Oh.. yg paling pntg.. 'Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa' ..
Location: Taman Dataran Pahlawan.
Activity: Lepak + Snap Pictures.

I : " awak! cepat amik gmbar bdk tu! gle comel die!
Dia : " haa tu la pasal! kejap2.. *die trus snap2.. and i diam je melihat.. :)))

after awhile..
I : " awak, dapt?
Dia : " owh.. shot cantek! die tgh lari! "

then.. the father of the girl..came near to me.. asking me, " abg dgr korang ckp melayu ke? and i..OMG!!!!!!! * again terkena.. haihhh...
and Dia jwb dgn gelak ketawe.. " eh org melayu bang.. dr KL " ..
waktu tu i da xtahan gle gelak.. and lg lawak.. abg tu ckp..
" abg ingt korang 'pak arab' ! " GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like.. OMG..ini sgt klakar.. hahah!
*uncle, Arab i dpt C je tau and dlu muke wanted dlm class sbb slow sgt 'menangkap'.. hehehe.. haihh.. sayang.. after this kte kne ckp melayu kuat2 and betul2.. heheh..hahahah! ;))))

hmmm.. i guess.. thats all.. seriously.. holiday aritu Kenangan Terindah bg i sayang! there could never be another guy to make me feel the way You do.. thanks for everything sayang.. yes.. EVERYTHING. :)))) ..

This Is For You sayang.

Perfection in my Eyes

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,

And for us to be together, to never be apart.

No one else in the world can even compare,

You're perfect and so is this love that we share.

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could.
I promise to give you all I have to give,
I'll do anything for you as long as I live.

In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,
By the way you look at me I know we will last.

I hope that one day you'll come to realize,

How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

♥ The Moments I Love To Recall. ♥

Truly, Me!

Nitey Nite peeps. sleep tight! :))))


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