Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ti & Mak,

what a blessing the both of you have been to 3 of us. So much to be thankful. Alhamdullilah. We thank Allah SWT as HE made it so. Thank you so much for everything. No doubt that we have the best mum & dad ever! You both are the biggest part in our life & no one can change that. May Allah SWT bless us all.

Happy 26th Anniversary Ti & Mak. We love you both more than anything. Cinta hingga hujung nyawa.

With LoveLoveLove, The 3 awesome NN : Naqeeb.Nazneen.Nafees.

The dinner was perfect! PERFECT! Thank you Allah. YES. for everything. :)

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Pqa Mn :) said...

SELAMAT Ti n Mak Kaka Neen :)
May Allah bless all of your family kaka neen's :)