Monday, December 27, 2010


p/s : dear beloved followers & loyal readers. I'm so sorry. I've been keeping myself busy lately. on off fever. new semester started. tough subjects. boyfriend got sick & admitted. ;((((
KL-Kuantan-KL. everything back-to-back.

so many things yet so little time.
more to come sweethearts! and oh yea.
Congrats Malaysia football team! 3 beautiful goals. we are so proud of our boys! well done everyone!
yes. Malaysia Boleh! :)

btw, I just wanted to say & share that I had another great & awesome weekend with beloved family, cousins, sisters & friends! A pretty busy & hectic weekend but one word to describe it was just PERFECT!
i believe you know those weekends where you don't want them to end? arghhh! I want more please?

- NN.

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cimut munniey :) said...

everything is gonna be alright. ujian lah tue bf sakit. enjoy the life nn . you can face it chaiyokk :)