Sunday, December 5, 2010


Masya'Allah! I've reached over 500 blog followers!

dearest friends..

thank you very much for being one of my blog followers.
I cant thank you enough for this. You guys are one of the reasons why I keep writing and this blog is still alive.
Honestly, I'm not using blog or even my tumblr just to gain followers in fact, I'm NOT a famous blogger though, NazneenNajib is nobody but it is only because I can express myself freely here yet by sharing my daily activities and my thoughts, I can get more friends and the most important thing is I can share my happiness with all of you and the same goes to you guys. You feel me & I feel you.
remember friends? sharing is caring! :)

Seriously I never thought I would be in love with blogging this much.
I never thought of having all those awesome & amazing followers.
As you all know, this blog is totally about me & my life.
sometimes it can be so boring too. It is just a plain blog I would say.
I'm so sorry for all those lame posts if you think there is any. I can't please everybody.that's impossible!
Some might say " alah.. 500 je! " .. " alaa baru sikit! " .. but to me, it is something big and a good start as I told you this blog is just a plain boring blog.
But thank you very much guys for staying, keep reading, keep visiting and keep commenting my blog. I appreciate everyone of you. I Love You all truckloads. Alhamdullilah.

May Allah bless you all.
And feel free to talk with me. And feel free to correct me if or once I've committed mistakes.
We live to correct one & another, we live to inspire one & another, we live to support one & another and we live to motivate one & another.
Keep reading & visiting friends! Lots more to come!

Thank you Allah for giving me a bunch of wonderful people around me.

Much Much Love.

Baraka Allah.


Jini said...

yeay!! jini yg ke 500!!!

ada hadiah x?? hehehe..

rainbowskittle said...

glad yo b one of ur followers neen !

Mizz Dayana said...

hope neen lg aktif share info dgn followers neen. keep it up. :)

Aimi Bahari said...

i loved to be one of ur followers! =D

naem glizzy said...

congrates neen! xtaw naem yg ke berapa. haha. baru seminggu blogging!:)

Shahiela C said...

You go pretty, congrats! I've been adoring this blog because of the simplicity and warmth it has brought about me every time I read your posts. Keep it up, kak Nazneen! :)

dira aziz said...

u're sooo special sis!!!

Leya said...

wow! so happy for you neen =)

anis said...

congratz neen. your blog makes me feels calm. love it ;)

WunnyNiwaa said...

congrates pretty!500 followers!U deserve it more :)

zai said...

ramai tu.zai 200 pun belum sampai.ahhaaa

keep it up nazneennajib!!

Niniey Nurhafnie said...

Congrats dear...i love to read yours. BTW nice bag u have in the picture.

NazneenNajib said...

all : Masya Allah. thank you very much darlings. I appreciate everyone of you. I Love You all truckloads. *hugs!